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The Alien Comes to Earth

The Alien Comes to Earth

Saffi Smith


It all started on a daring, dazzling Monday when I was on the dusty, decrepit school computer. The game I was on was called ‘The Scaretime’. I had never been on this game before but, all my friends said it was good so I gave it a go.

I gasped as the tired computer started shaking rapidly, going faster and faster. All of a sudden a slimy, wet alien popped out of the murky computer screen. I was horrified. My blue veins popped out as my body was shaking with sacredness. With all my fear I ran to find a place to hide.

Just then I heard a low-pitch, croaky noise. It came from the eerie alien. The tall, dripping alien said ‘I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m… closer’. My heart was beating faster and faster. I knew I had to make a move. I knew I had to make a quick move.

I ran to the clean toilet but just then I discovered a small, rectangular hole under the door. I prayed as I thought I was going to die in the next hour, minute, second, millisecond. ‘Oh no, oh no, I could see three green, wet and slimy fingers. Oh no he was in the toilet with me now. But then the croaky voice said ‘please don’t be afraid. All I want is a friend’. Then my tense ears started to work again. We have a little conversation with a cup of tea and a mouth watering slice of chocolate cake with a cherry on the top.

It turned out all his other friends did not like him as he did not like to kill people. I thought that was very caring of him as he would have been raised with that sort of violence surrounding his loving heart and soul. I have the best friend in the world now. I feel so proud of myself as I have gave the alien what us humans take for granted… a jolly friend.

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