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The Adventures of Cushion Man! (And Bracelet)

The Adventures of Cushion Man! (And Bracelet)
Zikriya Bukhari


Our Super friends were stuck in the clutches of their worst nemesis: The Nefarious Ned! The dirtiest pair of underwear that ever lived!

Ned had trapped them in the worst place imaginable – underneath the sofa ; they were also tied up with old liquorice!

After our heroes saw Ned running into kitchen they devised a plan:

“Let’s use your diamonds to cut through the ropes!” Cushion Man told Bracelet.

“I’m on it!” Bracelet replied as he started cutting.

Soon, both the heroic duo were free!

As this happened, Ned saw them and seizing the opportunity, he fired Dirtoniumite, Cushion Man’s only weakness, at them! Then, as quick as a flash of lightning, Cushion Man used his ‘Fluff-Vision’ and rapidly turned the filthy substance into a fluffy teddy-bear!

As this happened, Bracelet quickly caught some tape and rolled it around Ned and soon Ned was tied up, Cushion Man tripped him up!

“Well I guess you’re all ‘stuck-up’, Ned!” Cushion Man proudly stated as he and Bracelet flew off with Ned to take him to Washland-Gate Prison-where he could not harm anybody ever again !



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