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Spy Network

Spy Network
Uzayr Bukhari


One day, a robot called Robo was going home, when on his way he saw a big hairy wolf walking down the street. The wolf had enough equipment to blow up a bank! Curious, Robo slowly followed the wolf…After the wolf walked into a strange alleyway, Robo saw the wolf was trying to hide something, but what he was hiding was that he was a spy! The wolf had a holographic watch to communicate to his allies! Once Robo saw that, he silently backed away and turned, nevertheless, the wolf somehow had seen Robo, and asked, “Who are you and what are you doing?”

“I am Robo, are you a spy?” There was a sudden silence in the alley, finally, the wolf spoke.

“Yes, but you can’t tell anyone!”

“Okay, okay, but we have to work as a team then.” Robo replied.

“Fine!” The Wolf agreed through his gritted teeth.

After a while, they were the best team ever, who fought the most enemies together. Until they fought an evil computer hacker, who hacked into Robo! Eventually Robo fought to gain his control back, and he fought the hacker while the wolf tried to defeat the hacker’s henchman, called Bruno. Luckily, they escaped with their lives. Angrily, the hacker bellowed “We’ll meet again!” and he has hidden in the shadows ever since, planning his revenge, until they meet again…

The End

Or is it?


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