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Reflection or Reality

Reflection or Reality

Juliet Allarton


It’s been nearly two years since mum died. Ever since, I have seemed to be more hostile, to everyone and to to myself. Though I hardly think it’s unnatural. Her being gone changed my life completely, and I don’t think I can ever turn back.

Mum and dad’s wedding anniversary was today. We all cried. We being me, dad, Joan and Mary. I feel sorry for dad. Three girls is a challenge. During tea, i couldn’t take it anymore. I retreated to my bedroom. Fortunately, I can cope with crying. I don’t cry all the time, It’s just my allergies. Picking up my wooden mirror, I glanced at my reflection to see how much water gushed out from my eyes. None.

Hang on – what?

Feeling my skin, I was sure there were tears there. My face was as wet as a waterfall.

Suddenly, I felt a tug at my ragged dress. I looked down. Nothing. Then, all at once, the mirror seemed to start sucking me in. I screamed. What else was I to do? However, just then, the tugging stopped. Mixed feelings filled my puzzled head. What had happened?

I decided it was just my imagination, or maybe I had fallen asleep on the rug. I was tired. I checked my clock – I knew dad would send me to bed soon. It was four o’clock… in the evening? Last time I checked, it was seven at night – time can’t go that quickly. I thought it was just my clock, but all the radio controlled ones were the same. Freaky. I went downstairs and everyone was having tea. Tea? That was only an hour ago! Then I remembered. A few hours, yes. Tea was yesterday!

I must have gone forward in time somehow. What triggered it? I noticed we were having the same tea, but I wasn’t really bothered. The moment I sat down, for some reason, everyone started chatting. I listened in. I’m like that. Nosey. They were talking about something really weird. Something like ‘the monsters are coming’. Even weirder. What was wrong?

I rose up early next morning and made breakfast for everyone. It was my turn that day. We take it in turns because of dad. It seemed dad was up early too. While I was frying an egg, he pulled me aside and had a talk to me about ‘the monsters’. This time I knew what he meant. Just the other day, I was putting the bins out and encountered a werewolf on the streets – which, luckily, didn’t notice me. I nodded at the end of the lecture then went to throw away my burnt egg.

I lay awake till midnight that night. I could hear birds chirping in the trees, but the sound was drowned out by creatures. I went to look out my window and shuddered as I saw horrible beasts prowling the streets. This was why I had stayed up. Dad had told me. Warned me. This was it. They were coming. I’d be trapped. Forever.


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