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Jasper Page

Once again as the mists circle the kingdom,
The soul of every Angel cries,
And the dark black walls of the dark one’s castle,
Seem to enjoy when a good spirit dies.
An icon, a sword and a book,
Are the last hope for the black cat.

And the mists seem to fear the black cat,
For it’s hope lies in the middle of the kingdom,
To wield the sword and read the book.
And as the last word of the seer dies,
The hope for the life of the dark one dies.
And the moon still shines on the remains of the castle.

And it is now ruin what was once a castle,
The crowds see the cat,
As the spirit of the great mage dies.
But as peace returns to the people of the kingdom,
The honest knight of the dragon dies.
As words flow from the pages of the book.

Then the next author of the dark one’s book,
Puts pen to paper as the castle,
Blocks out the sun when the dark one cries.
And on his lap is the black cat,
Which has been all around the kingdom,
Even before the good king dies.

But the mists still smile as the people’s hope dies,
Faintly replaced by the words of the book.
Twisted by the killer of the last black cat of the last kingdom,
As the hopelessness descends from the castle,
For the heir to the throne of the new black cat,
She sits in her room and cries.

But no god hears the noble’s Cries,
Fearing the day when her brother dies.
And then the seer summons the black cat,
Reading the pages of that very same book,
Watching the walls of the dark one’s castle,
As mist again circles the kingdom.

As the noble’s cries seem to give in to the book,
The vistani dies as she enters the castle,
For the cat senses new blood in its kingdom.