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I blame you for all of this. You knew … I know you knew … you, my parents, knew what had been happening to me, to us but you refused to get rid of him. To make him leave. To stop him, but he was dependent on you, he was your black sheep and you had to protect him. As he did it to us we lost our childhoods. The childhood you gifted our other sisters. You gave them the gift of childhood innocence, and we were robbed of that. You’ve created an illusion of an idyllic paradise. I don’t think anyone, suspects the darkness that lies behind our family’s façade. Trust me, I hadn’t planned this. I hadn’t planned for it to go this way, I swear, I thought I would be at home when they finally kicked in. Honestly, it’s not my fault you decided to drag me out to one of your parties. I know you blame me for what happened, never him, never Uncle P; I should not have encouraged him, as you say. Of course you would, you wouldn’t, couldn’t blame your rising star Rose, and with Rose in jail you needed to focus on keeping the others on the straight and narrow, I had already been corrupted. But you made it very clear to me that her imprisonment was my punishment, my burden to bear. Whilst at court, my sisters, much to your chagrin, told the court and the prosecutor that I, had been the closest to him. You made it very clear to Rose that she would have to pay for her lawyer and bail because you would not give her any money. After the incident you replaced our au pair to stop her from talking about what had happened, because she was the only one who believed me after Rose’s arrest.


The last thing I remember is the glass falling and biting the floor, splintering before I fainted. I remember, the shards of glass slicing into me before I lost consciousness completely. But, you don’t care about that do you? You got me a therapist because my brokenness slipped into, and affected my school work. I imagine my little stunt which occurred at one of the biggest parties of the year, was not well received by you. Mainly because of the embarrassment it caused you. You wouldn’t want your friends to know about the shadows and monsters that lurk behind our closed doors.


Hillery Phillip


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