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Outside my Window

Outside My Window

Lana Woodall


When I look outside the window I see grey skies and clouds hanging over the city ready to burst into rain drops.

I see people with burning hatred in their eyes and I hear voices hurling abuse.

I hear screaming and crying and hopelessness.

I see concrete invading the fields and death standing on people’s doorsteps.

I see war and blood and tears.

I see pollution and mist flooding the streets.

There is no daylight and there is no night.

There is just a world with no time

A world with no song, just hollow words


I light a candle and place it on my windowsill.

I hope for a day when everyone will light a candle.

I hope for a day when we could open up our windows and let our candles shine out in the open

I hope for a day when all our flames will kill the darkness.

But I fear that no one will light their candle.

I fear that if I open the window the darkness will creep inside.

I fear that if I put my candle outside the wind will blow out the flame.

I fear that there will never be enough flames to kill the darkness.

But I know our world could be different.


And so I open my window and let my light shine.


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