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Of the Race


Of the Race
Megan Depper


Our little universe and even littler minds

Wreak havoc in even the most innocent of places.

Impossible thoughts fragment our mortal bodies.

The human race – yes – and if this is a race

Then I am losing, hesitantly behind,

Staggering over untied laces

On my lace-less shoes.

I am surrounded by winners, but

No one

Is here. The air is naked, but still I hear

The roar from the crowds.

Wait, no, that is no crowd, that is the earth.

Our little earth and even littler minds

Trying to comprehend things

That exist not to be understood

But rather to be as they are

In undisturbed peace, unbroken harmony.

Our little universe and our little minds,

In which even infinity has a finish line.


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