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Nocturnal Bliss

Nocturnal Bliss
Jess Sandhar

Soaring high above the endless clouds.
A gentle zephyr raising me.
The radiating sun turning into wisps of cold air.
Solemn winds whispering into the shadows.

The clouds halted abruptly
Letting the golden stars twinkle and wink mischievously at every trespasser.
Whilst the moon left a silver trail of light on the dark oceans below.
I felt my worries and angst slip away into the starry night.

Galaxies and galaxies beyond the rim of beaming stars.
Glittering lakes and seas followed by an azure blue horizon
Which emerged into the limitless sky.
I cherished the peace and serenity.

I glided staring at what I had in front of me.
The silver moon peeking out behind clouds like a timid mouse.
The vast sky that was decorated by stars that sparkled like diamonds.
Everything was perfect.

I knew the night was ending.
I watched the pale orange light spill over the darkness transforming a perfect night into a new day.
The sun had begun its journey up into the sky that was laden with stars flickering off like switches,
Whilst the moon crept down full of envy as the sun took its place.

I couldn’t watch any longer.
If only the night had gone on
If only my wish came true
But wishes don’t come true.

To me none of the realism matters.
My wishes rock me to sleep.
Unwind me as I close my eyes.
So I have a solitary night’s rest in peace.


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