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My Dad

My Dad
Ali Sumar

Every night my dad goes out,
and I try to ask why.
It’s none of your business he would shout,
and slam the door behind.

Every night he comes back,
back with something new,
A leather bag, a shiny tusk or two.

Where does he get them,
I think in bed,
this will give us money,
my dad once said.

Until one night,
I crept behind him,
hiding in the bushes,
not moving a limb.

Then in the moonlight,
that sliced the sky like a knife,
was a majestic sight,
A wonder, an elephant?

Then came the bang,
the fatal determined gunshot,
the dying call that it sang,
to my dad the poacher.

My heart stopped
at the terrible sight,
as my brain locked,
On thinking of a plan.

I must stop my dad,
from this evil act,
does he not feel bad,
What a heartless crime.

When the Sun rose again,
it seemed all was normal,
Dad was the same,
like nothing had happened.

Yet again the sky darkened,
and my dad stepped outside,
I waited in the tree,
then followed behind.

Suddenly I had an idea.
But I would have to be brave.
The time was here.
I saw him raise the gun.

My dad reached for the trigger,
and I kicked the gun around,
I heard him scream in pain,
BOOM! A single sound.

Had my love for the elephant,
led me astray,
had I killed my dad,
on this fateful day…