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Mrs Crawley’s Keys

An eerie light from the lampposts bathed the sleeping school in an unnatural glow. Mrs Crawley, the deputy head teacher, glanced apprehensively at the school that was shrouded in darkness, and started walking forwards uncertainly. By the time she reached the entrance, her sopping hair was plastered to her head and she nervously fumbled with her school keys to let herself in.

Exit light flickering, stained glass glowing, the night had transformed the usually bright and cheerful school into a dark fortress. Nerves were starting to kick in. Rain hurled itself at the windows creating a never ending beat. The faces of the previous year 6 leered down at her from their paintings, unearthly in their different colours. Hoping only she could hear her thudding heart, she stumbled blindly into the dark corridor.

As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could see plastered white walls glowing spookily, and she could almost imagine ghosts appearing out of them. The pegs on the other side of the corridor seemed sharp and menacing. A clattering sound made her nearly jump out of her skin, until she realised she had knocked a step ladder from its place. Gulping, she nervously pushed open the door and jumped when it creaked in the darkness. Had anyone else heard it?

Heart throwing itself against her chest like a frightened bird trying to escape from a cage, hands shaking uncontrollably; she stood for a while, gaining her courage. Mrs Crawley felt a chill run up the back of her neck and she ran as fast as her heels would let her to the foot of the stairs. Far away, in the distance, a clock rang 12, its strike echoing into the night. Clutching the prison bar like banisters, she tottered up into the unknown darkness. The walls reflected the moonlight, giving the stairs a greenish glow. Although it was now a clear night, there was not a star to be seen in the midnight sky. It was as if someone had draped an inky cloak over it all. Only the moon glistened through.

Instead of an eerie glow, the moonlight that shone through into her office was warm and congratulating. She noticed that the stars had now come out; twinkling like jewels on the midnight cloak. The cluttered office contained comforting objects of her family and friends, encouraging her on her quest. Feeling much braver, she confidently strode over to her desk. Ecstatic, she snatched up her house keys from on top of some papers and clutched them in her hand. Joyfully, she exclaimed out loud, “I’ve done it! I’ve got my keys! Now I can finally get into my home!” The stars winked back at her.


Grace Banks


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