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Melony’s Adventure

Melony’s Adventure

Marisol Boyle Gomez


Twelve was coming near. The sky was purple like violets. It was a humid summer night, a gentle breeze flowed through the trees. There was a golden, new moon that shone over the burgundy red roses that had petals starting to fall on to the moist ground. Minutes passed, people started to gather muttering, behind them some bushes rustled and a medium-sized animal appeared. It was a brown-grey colour, hair that stood on end covered his small body, they were bristles. The animal stood on his hind legs and boomed in a powerful but polite voice “I am Flinky, a dungaree piggy boar. It’s very nice to meet you.” Flinky held out his hoof to shake hands and, just at that moment, everyone screamed. Flinky walked sadly, with his tail between his legs and his head drooped almost touching the ground, suddenly he collapsed…

A couple of people rushed to him but others couldn’t be bothered. He whispered he was losing his energy and that every time someone screamed his power would slowly start disappearing and as soon as all of his energy was gone it would be the end of his life. There was only one cure now, the pealas fruit that grew on the beautiful mountain of Zolo. They asked where it was, he was too weak to answer so he handed them a map and muttered under his breath: “Tell the map to show one of you were to go and please hurry.”

Everyone shouted,

“One of us?”

All but one was refused by the map, and that one was called Melony.

Melony marched out into the forest that lay ahead of her. She whispered to the map “Where is the mountain of Zolo?” A picture appeared, and then another and another and another and then a mini path showing her where to go.

She followed the right path but then there were two paths she chose to go the red path , she had chosen the wrong one… The trees were steel grey and the ground was bumpy with jagged rocks. She saw something in the distance but this looked nothing like the picture on the map. This one was brown and dull, it had red stuff coming down the side of the mountain. That was when she realized it was a volcano. Melony turned back and started running.

A while later she bumped into a fox. He wore a vivid green waistcoat and a grey top hat. His name was Mr Todd, he told Melony the right way and came with her until he reached his cave-house. Melony spotted the mountain and ran until she reached Zolo. She stared until her eyes got watery, the mountain was a rainbow, it shone like the sun. Right at the very top there was the fruit, the pealas. Melony didn’t waste any time. She climbed all the way to the top. She had found the healing fruit!


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