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Knock Out

Knock Out
Bernado Nobre

I don’t really know much about life, but in my 15 years of existence I’ve had good and bad moments that made me the person I am. I have no regrets of anything I did so, if someone gave me the opportunity to go back in time I just wouldn’t go.

But let’s head up to the important theme, the reason why I’m writing this text.

I was thirteen when my life drastically changed. I was at home, on Instagram, scrolling through the latest feed when suddenly my mother arrived in tears.

In the beginning I was pretty confused, because my mom usually never cries, so I thought whatever’s happened, it must have been bad.

I ran into her and hugged her – (it was the fastest thing I thought of) – and she told me that my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

I was shocked, as you might think, but unlike innocent people think, problems happen to everyone and not when expected.

I couldn’t believe it was true, my grandpa with Alzheimer’s… What if he doesn’t remember me? I couldn’t stop questioning my mom for hours, because I really love my grandpa, he is my inspiration, the one that used to play with me when no one did. So he was super special to me and I could not imagine him not remembering me. It would be a knock out in my heart.

Anyway, when you think that it can’t get worse, you are an innocent person. I’m not, because life has taught me how to grow up in the hard way. It got worse, but I’ll keep telling you the story.

A day has passed since I received the unfortunate news about my grandpa and I had to visit him so, that day me and my parents were going to visit my grandpa.

On the way to his house due to the rain and slippery ground, my dad couldn’t avoid the massive truck next to us…

Those were probably the worst two days of my life.

I woke up in the hospital and the nurses approached me and told me my parents had passed away in the car accident. Firstly, I didn’t believe, but then I realised I wasn’t dreaming, my life became my worst nightmare.

And because no one could take care of my grandpa, I had the courage to take care of him. Surprisingly, when he saw me, he recognized me, and through the one and half year with my grandpa he has recovered his memory, not fully recovered but the important stuff is there.

Life hasn’t been easy for me, but through those years I started to give importance to things that are so simple that no one notices. I’m doing what I can and it is hard sometimes to see that he can’t remember what I told him minutes ago, but we’ve gone through the hard phase and now I hope it gets better.