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Just Another Day

Just Another Day
Sayandeep Das

Daniel felt miserable as he heard the beeps and whirring of the printer. This was not what he signed up for when he became a fireman. He wanted to show how good he really was in his job. He was young and jovial and knew someday he would be able to prove that.

Suddenly the phone started ringing… maybe somebody wanted him to serve coffee to the seniors. But today was different. His heart started beating fast as he listened intently. It was an emergency! There was conflagration at the Houses of Parliament. He scrambled down the stairs to report to the mission officer and collect his state-of-the-art equipment.

Silence reigned in the back of the fire engine; the only audible sound was the loud wailing of the siren. Everyone was lost somewhere deep in their own thoughts. Many were praying for their families – almost prophesizing that their fate was near. Daniel, far from his elation about going on his first real operation, thought about his mum and how she cared so tenderly for him in his childhood. He remembered the funeral and tears started rolling down his cheek…


The doors swung open as the men poured out. As soon as Daniel stepped into the carnage, he heard screams and saw people running everywhere. The other firemen went to console victims and Daniel and a group of ten went inside to douse the fire. Amidst the annihilation outside, crowds of people were streaming out of the building. His eyes bulged as Daniel saw in horror the Houses of Parliament engulfed in bright red-orange roaring flames! Daniel winced as exposure scorched his skin and started slowing him down. He tried to shield his eyes from the blazing heat, but it was futile. He put his mask on and signaled to his friends to run into the building.

Wreckage was everywhere! Daniel thought about the priceless documents that were being lost forever. But they were looking to rescue anybody who might be trapped inside. Something caught Daniel’s eyes in a dark room in a corner. As he ran to investigate his jaws dropped! The Prime Minister was slumped over his desk — unconscious, with a deep gash on his arm. For a moment Daniel was paralysed in fear but then he saw a timed explosive. He had only ten seconds to leave the building!

He took the Prime Minister on his shoulder and ran as fast as his legs could take him. Time came to a grinding halt as he saw daylight from the exit and jumped out of the building. There was a big explosion behind. He saw people running towards them, then everything went black…


Daniel sighed as Mrs. Delaney gave a huge lecture in her shrill voice. If only it were real… he got back to his Math’s class work.

Then he heard a sound. The sound of the fire alarm!