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Tigerlily Blakeway

It’s been an hour; the footsteps have stopped. I really don’t want to open my eyes: it came into my room about 20 minutes ago I think. I know that it’s in here because I left my door open and saw it come in. It walked behind me and did something to the wall but it never came back around. I did the stupidest thing I could and turned over.
That’s when I heard it laugh, loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough so that I didn’t know if I was imagining it. I have to look, I know that it will get me but I really have to look. I open my eyes and on the wall in big black letters is written “I KNOW YOU’RE AWAKE”.
I hold my breath trying not to scream. I glance at my clock 5:30 AM. If I can wait until 6 the sun will come up. 6:04 AM I hold my breath as I get up, I don’t hear anything.
Did it leave?
I walk to the door suddenly it slams shut and locks. I scream and rattle the door. Laughing…. It’s behind me: “I knew you were awake.”


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