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I Dreamed a Dream

I Dreamed a Dream
Anand Kaur Bharath

I dreamed a dream, in bed last night,
Oh my, it was quite a sight.
Perfect, image, puzzle, paths,
Cute candy gnomes having caramel baths.

Magnificent, mingling fruits all around,
Crush they went without a sound.
Candy land I was here at last,
I had dreamed of this in the past.

Fountains crying chocolate tears of despair,
With fondant mountains, causing an affair.
Toxic waste polluting the sky,
Making innocent, little baby bird’s cry.

Garnet gum drops were happily dancing,
And fuchsia flamingos elegantly prancing.
Trapped in an enormous aero bubble,
I don’t know why but I could sense trouble.

With an explosion the bubble went pop,
Jumping for joy out I hop.
Perfect pancakes with delicious whipped cream,
Together they made a mighty team.

Gracious gummy bears having a fight,
I thought to myself that’s not right.
A plethora of sugar-coated custard creams,
It was like all of my dreams.

Scrumptious crumpets were neat little houses,
They were filled with jelly and roses.
Rainbow drops were falling from the byzantium sky,
Landing on the beautiful birds as they fly.

Suddenly I awoke with a jolt,
Then I came to an abrupt halt.
My mind was engulfed with confusion,
Oh my! That was such an illusion.