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Human or Dolphin

Am I a human? Or am I a dolphin?… nobody knew!!!

I was an ordinary girl who lived with my mum a few miles away from the sea. As I was walking into town to buy some food I met an evil wizard, he was one of those people who thought others should obey whatever he said.  He ordered me to go with him and from there I would get two choices as to what I did next.

I had no choice but to follow him as he dragged me some of the way then put an enchantment on me so I could not run away. I followed him glumly to a forest where we found an old abandoned mansion full of people dressed in rags with disheartened expressions.  He took me to the top floor and there he gave me my choices: they were to watch my mum suffer for no reason or be turned into a sea creature.  I chose the sea creature of course, there was a catch though, I had to answer a question nobody else had answered correctly. I HAD TO GET THIS RIGHT.

 “What is 75,080-16,235? Do this without a calculator just use your brain.”

After a few minutes I got an answer of 58,845 would it be right? 

“The answer is 58,846.”


“Sorry 58,845, you are correct, what sea creature would you like to be?”

“A dolphin please.”

“A dolphin it is then.” He gave me a special necklace that could turn me from dolphin to human so that when he wanted to talk to me he could. The thing is though, he brain washed me so I couldn’t run away to my mum when I was turned back to my human self.

This is my life, sometimes human, sometimes dolphin and I never have a choice what I am.

So am I human or am I dolphin? or…. is this all a dream…. nobody knew.                 


Kiera Webb          

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