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Toby Garside


Darkness, shadows flickering,

Devils adjoined, ghosts bickering,

Through silent, shadows of black,

The devils left, turned their backs.


The ghosts argued, somehow afraid

Of the shadows they themselves had made

Until at last, they swept the ground

With their ghostly robes and left without sound


Shadows, encapsulate all,

They writhe with silent awe,

Cast by humans and animals alike,

Hardly visible in the night.


Halloween, shadows and black,

Never speak, or turn your back

On wraiths of scary thoughts,

For respect is the only thing they sought.


Shapes, carried mystery,

Blackness carried history,

They are sewn with fear,

And everywhere they appear.


But still, in the times of night

There is something there in sight

Something shadows cannot fight

And it is hope and with hope comes light.



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