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Hattie Gennard

Friendship can be hard in life

It can be like the sharp blade of a knife
It can send your heart sinking to the bottom of the ocean

Sometimes you may feel like you need a potion
When you have that devastating fight
You would cry yourself to sleep at night

But let’s forget about the negatives, and think about the light side

Where you seek and hide
From class to class
The memories pass
Leaving your heart
You have played your part
Being an incredible friend
When you forgive, your heart just mends
Amazing times
The music chimes
Hand to hand
The sleepovers and play dates you have planned

But sometimes it can break your bones

When you fight, oh all the negative moans
When you break up
And then you make up
Leaving the bad behind
It suddenly leaves your mind
Just spending some time together
Whatever the weather… to me, this is what friends are.


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