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Fire-Breathing Fiend

Fire-Breathing Fiend

Erica Bassford


Its tail curls, wrapping around its prey,

Its fire aims, then shoots, as they toast to the death,

They take their final breath,

The victim puts up a good fight,

But they cannot withstand this light.


Its piercing eyes…

They look, they stare,

They look, they glare,

Their prey they hypnotize,

Then away, away they fly, clutching their prize.


Slimy scales, shades of fire running through them,

Its scales, they glisten, in the air,

It slowly creeps towards its lair,

After catching this evening’s prey,

All of its masters, it betrays.


Scaly, red, orange, yellow, blue,

Leathery wings, in the air they flap,

Then, their prey’s life snaps,

Earth turns beneath their flight,

As stars nestle into the darkness of night.


So, a fire-breathing fiend,

To be fearful of, there is so much,

As it melts asphalt at the slightest touch,

I learned the meaning of fear,

When I met it, as it towered over me, the escape route was not clear,

So I didn’t find an exit,

At least, not until gone was the culprit.


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