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Favourite Things

Favourite Things

Megan Bounds


A footprint that travels around the world,

is kept in my special place.

Ribbons off balloons and medals,

to prove that I won that race.


Tickets, trinkets and birthday cards,

filled into an overflowing box.

Bright colours, rainbows and pictures,

to show that my life rocks.


A heart encrusted with the words,

life, family and friends.

A leaf from an oak tree,

to show that good things never end.


A plate of food from cultures,

all around the world.

A teddy bear off Santa Claus,

I was really thrilled.


The key to a lock with secrets behind,

a fresh thought from an unborn mind.

A bunch of flowers, an origami game,

those precious fifteen minutes of fame.


A small black bag,

filled up with stuff.

A scouting Necker,

still not enough!!


Boomerangs, badges , books as well,

and my special sea shell.

A beautiful place on the coast,

These are all the things I love the most.



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