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Far from Home

Far from Home
Jeamya Adebiyi

It is hard saying goodbye to my home, I had lived there for 13 years and it was destroyed in 13 seconds. I know we have to leave it is no longer safe for us to stay, my dad is gone: he distracted the guards while my mum, little sister and I escaped.

We are making our way to England because we will be safe there. My dad was taken and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. My heart is full of anger. Because of someone else’s hatred the whole country has to suffer.

I look around and I see people running around screaming and crying I can hear gunshots and shouting and I wonder why it had to come to this.

We begin our journey leaving behind sadness, destruction and hatred but we also leave friends and family that died and all the happy memories we shared. However, this is also a journey to find happiness and start a new life in peace and harmony.

After months of travelling, we finally make it to England. Our journey was hard and upsetting but we had hope because we knew we would make it here and everything would be better.

When we arrived,we were put in hostel for refugees. We stayed there a long time but soon mum found a job as a cleaner and we were able to move to a flat in Manchester. My sister and I started school here and we moved on with our lives.