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Katie Gayton


Expectation I see before me

So many people expecting my success

They give me no praise, they call me a geek

But they don’t know what’s underneath.

The pressure, it breaks me

It kills me inside

The tears they flow

I break down and cry.

My friends, the teachers, they know how I am,

But failure is no option

Hurt, alone, empty, afraid

Don’t give me pressure, my fate is laid.


She can do it, we know

but her fear turns to hatred

she is so afraid and scared of her fate

why can’t she see it’s just one mistake?!

We can’t stop her upset

It turns into stress

One final straw

and she won’t do her best.

We all try and help her, but none of it works,

Not only us friends, the rest of our school.

All who know. All who will care but

the ones who can help only leave us alone.


I know of her stress, but as her teacher

What can I do? I just can’t help her!

Her friends, they are clever, it can’t help her much

But what can I do? She just can’t give up!

Those others, they judge her, they just don’t leave her,

But I suppose they don’t all know.

A minority who can help, they just won’t listen.

Oh, what am I supposed to do?

I have a few weeks

I just need to save her

From this dark cloud

To find her saviour.



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