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Everybody has Wishes

Everybody Has Wishes


Some people want to be lawyers, some want to be superheroes. Some people want to have all the money in the world and some people want to live forever. However, I’m sure that one of the wishes we all share – okay, not everyone, just most – as I was saying, one of the wishes that most people share is peace in the world.

I think people just don’t understand how would it be to live in a world with no racism, discrimination, prejudice, no differences. When I say no differences, I mean that people can have different religions, different skin colour or different culture. We just can’t treat them differently for that, because after all, we are all different from each other.

It’s sad to know that in this precise moment, someone, somewhere in the world is being criticised for being different. But it’s even sadder to know that no one cares.

An example of that are the refugees. Their home is destroyed, their city turns to dust, their family is killed, they are out of food for days and they sleep in the middle of the streets, aware that at any moment something can happen to them. They try to leave the country and when they finally have the luck to be accepted somewhere, which is rare, they are badly treated.

I understand that nowadays with the terrorism, the host countries don’t welcome refugees that easily for safety reasons. That’s why this is such a difficult subject to deal with, but we must handle this issue as fast as we can because nowadays, with the nuclear weapons, I can’t imagine a good end.

Honestly and unfortunately, I don’t think racism, prejudice and discrimination will ever end. It may decrease and I hope it does, but I don’t think it will disappear completely. We can make an effort but if we all don’t try, it won’t happen and unfortunately some people are just not willing to try because they don’t care. But I’m sure that if they were the ones who suffer what certain people are suffering they would change their opinion.

It’s surreal that we, humans are so developed with some things and so underdeveloped with others.

As long as the colour of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes there will be war.