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Dear Mum & Dad

Dear Mum and Dad

Lucy Donaghey


Dear Mum and Dad,

Life was perfect when I was 2 or 3, more perfect than life could ever be,

but then I went to primary, and noticed everyone was different to me,

I didn’t think it mattered, I thought no one would care,

through my childish ignorance, I thought the world was fair,


But I got through it ok,

I managed to keep all the bullies at bay.

when I got to high school it continued to go wrong,

I seemed to lose that spark that helped me to stay strong,

People started forming little groups,

They’d hang around in massive loops,

But I was on the outside looking in,

And I knew that I couldn’t win,

I didn’t know what to do there was nowhere I could hide,

I felt lonely, sad & horrified,

It had only just dawned on me that these people were all the same,

They thought being mean to me was just a silly game,

I believed that things would change,

I hoped I wouldn’t be classed as someone that was “strange”,

It was fine until the winter when they couldn’t play in the sun,

Until they had nothing to do that they thought was fun,

So to where I was sitting they came,

I was their new favourite game,

“You idiot, you loner, you gross little twit,

You are an ugly disgusting hypocrite,

you smell and your fat too

Is there no end to the list of things we could say about you”

They were quick to pick up on the things that weren’t good,

I wished I could stand up for myself like I had been able to the rest of my childhood,

Give me a black eye I wouldn’t care about that,

Just please don’t call me a self centred brat,

They didn’t understand how much it hurt me,

But From my pain they just gained glee,

Every time that they speak, unkind comment are the only thing I hear,

They don’t realise their words are my biggest fear


They stole my bag and dropped it from the top of the stairs,

Their only apology was their smug little glares,

I had to do something to start fitting in,

May be it would help if I tried to be thin,

All I had to do was make myself sick,

It’s not a crime just an easy weight loss trick,

Soon I started to cut my skin,

It drowned out the pain it’s really not a sin,

All I was, was a scarred twig,

Those bullies hadn’t realised just what they did,

I can’t think straight I can’t see

Just what they have done to me.


This is the last thing I will ever write,

Ill be gone soon before there’s daylight,

Please don’t blame them they couldn’t see behind my fake smile,

And I know to get over this it will take you a while,

But don’t waste your tears on me,

I am now going to be happy,

Away from the fear, Away from the names,

Away from their mean bullying games,

I love so much I just wanted you to know,

That you were the people in my life that made me truly glow,

I’ve given up now, I can’t take any more,

Because my life is not perfect like it was before.

From your loving daughter,




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