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Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste
Gracie Fitzsimons

It’s written all over your face,
I’m not cool,
But I’m pretty-okay.
Spend my days at Waterstones,
Or drinking coffee, scrolling through my phone.
Nothing how you planned…
You never wanted me – boring, plain, old and bland

I’m not cool.
But I’m pretty-okay.
Select all…
“Copy and paste “
Photoshop me like a little doll,
Cabbage Patches,
Oh how we are getting old!

Photoshopped me,
Now I’m here to play!
If you press me,
I might have something – pretty and cute – to say.
Like a “please” or “I love your company”,
When I’m really just trapped inside thick, stuffing layers of internalised misogyny.

Select all…
“Copy and paste”
I’m the latest scandal.
Of this mended paper town.
Well actually, the iron gates are running rusty,
Invigorating as my pain decays.
And you watch ≠ my eyes fade away…

Photoshop me.
Tomorrow I’ll make worldwide news,
I’ll give the poor toddlers the blues,
I’m sick of being silenced, so long.
Opened my box now…
It’s as if I’ve been trained to be quiet all along.

Photoshop me.
Edit out my flaws.
Fit me into the gift box, of your choice,
“I’m all yours”
Wrap me up in gold bows and diamantés,
But I still know your darkest truth.
So society won’t you see?
I’m not a toy, not your toy,
Never will I be!

Mother Nature taught us to thrive,
Seek beyond the tall grass,
Grow and be kind,
So now our lessons, learned,
We are turning over the tables,
Ready or not…
A future generation is blossoming,
Awaiting their first game of hide and seek…