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Sonora Hills


If you have a question—ask me.

…0.55 seconds to search.

                           (Ha! Beat that, Firefox!)

I am all knowing. There is nothing

That I cannot look up, just for you.


Download new applications and my powers will increase…

10 new gigabytes of storage space? Sure!

                          (Wait, sorry, your start-up disk is too full.)

I will adapt to fit your every need;

The one thing you can depend on for the rest of my life.

                         (The email and password you entered don’t match.)

I will alert you to every update

So that you can always have the very best service.

                         (By the way, Time Sync hasn’t had a back-up in 53 days.)

When you are bored, I will keep you company.

Chat to a friend, write a novel, play—


                        (Battery is empty. Please connect to a power source.)


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