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Come On Bazza

“See ya later, Bazz!” Oh wait, that doesn’t make sense! Let’s go from the start so it does make sense, right here we go. Bazza is a flower, a Pansy to be more specific who lives in Hyde Park, the flower you heard speaking at the start was Larry his fellow Pansy friend, best friend to be exact that lives next to Bazza. It’s spring in the park, Bazza and Larry are getting ready to shoot up to the surface (they are seedlings right now.) The only thing is, Larry is growing faster than Bazza.

“Excuuusse meee…,” came a sudden shrill voice from nearby, “I was just wondering ifff” the voice trailed off “Just get on with it already!!” Yelled Larry as he lost his cool, “chilll Larry, don’t get your knickers in a twist,” uttered Bazza “let the lady speak.”

“Ok, fine I’ll let the lady speak then.” Larry violently swung his head around in the soil to find where that extremely annoying, shrill voice was coming from. “Well,” came the mysterious voice again, “well what?” Spat Larry finally figuring out where the voice had come from. It turned out the voice had come from the seed next to him! “Well, I was just wondering if you knew what the weather forecast is?”

“Hang on, just gimme a sec, I’ll check my phone and have a look.” Larry viciously tapped with his shoots on his phone in desperation to find the forecast and get this stupidly annoying seed out of his hair.” The forecast is…. torrential rain, whatever that is, for the next week or two.” 

Larry looked at his phone and suddenly yelped “what’s the matter Larry?” questioned Bazza as he attempted to look at his phone to see what Larry had been yelping at.  “Hey look, these other ‘seeds’ started a petition to get every single seed in the park to say I’m a horrible bully.  To top it off they want to get all of the seeds to stay away from me, because if they come near me they say I’ll deck em’” Larry moaned, his face crumpling into the pouty expression of an outraged child.

 A terrifying picture swirled into Bazza’s head, all of those other seeds were crowding around Larry trying to murder him and take him away!! It was only one day away from emerging day, emerging day was when all of the flowers (and the weeds) sprout up to the surface and spread their amazing technicoloured petals.

But now we come to a slightly sad part in this story, every flower had grown, except for Bazza it seemed as if he would never grow, not ever. He had been too busy to worry about this but the day had finally come! All the flowers were emerging into the light! It was so exiting, Larry and all the other pansies were just about to sprout “See ya’ later Bazz” Larry was gone.

“I’m coming Larry!”


Erin Ridgway


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