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Cheese and Biscuits


Cheese and Biscuits
Gabriella Barry


The door creaked open and out came a little mouse with a pink nose carrying a basket of berries. Uncle Squeak scampered swiftly over to the glorious green Christmas Tree perched in the centre of the mouse hole under the stairs. The tree was 10 cm tall and had been found by Auntie Snufflenose in the hall of the two-legged giants where the colossal Christmas tree had been trimmed and decorated for Christmas Eve.

Just then Cheese, the youngest daughter, came through the door, all snowy and cold. She’d been out playing with her brother, Biscuit, and had built a splendid snow-mouse. The snow-mouse was much taller than Biscuit and had a little secret door to the igloo inside where the children had been hiding for most of the afternoon.  Biscuit had been chasing her in and out the mouse-hole because Cheese had stomped too hard in the igloo and had brought some snow down on them.

Biscuit sped up a little bit on the chase to catch Cheese but didn’t see the splendid Christmas tree stood before him. As Cheese dodged it, Biscuit went straight into the tree and the basket of berries that Auntie Snufflenose had collected to decorate the tree went straight through the exit and into the house. Cheese scurried after the berries and through the exit she went.

After a few seconds of collecting the berries Cheese was in trouble. Crumbs, the giant’s cat, was on the prowl. He had been sitting on the windowsill sunning himself and had heard a hubbub coming under the stairs. Cheese froze when she saw the cat. Biscuit spied from the mousehole and bravely made a bold bid to climb the giant’s table where a jug of cream sat. Biscuit used all his strength to tip over the jug and the cream spilled all over the floor with a crash. Crumbs ears pricked to the sound and swiftly he ran to the kitchen to see what was happening. Cheese was saved. She ran quickly back to her mother followed by Biscuit sweating all over.

The mice, safe back in the hole relieved and happy to be together on Christmas Eve, set about decorating the Christmas tree.  They enjoyed placing the berries on the tree and wrapping pieces of cheese for Christmas Day.

Crumbs to his disappointment didn’t catch a tasty snack that day but enjoyed licking up all the cream.

On Christmas morning Cheese and Biscuit ran into the living room where they were greeted by a wonderful sight of a massive block of cheese sitting under the Christmas tree along with a pile of presents.

“Mousy Claus has really outdone himself this year!”, exclaimed Cheese as pleased as Punch.

Cheese and Biscuits had a wonderful Christmas Day but had sore tummies later and couldn’t face the cheese-cake pudding.


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