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Breakfast on Saturday

Breakfast On Saturday

Tia Tanwar


Very relieved to wake up to no school,

I woke up in the morning and got out of bed,

I walked passed my brothers room in the hall,

He was snoring off his head,

I walked into the kitchen and chose my chair,

When my baby sister flicked cornflakes into my hair,

I carried on eating when my brother came in,

Like an angry bull he charged in the room and kicked me

to the floor,

My dad walked in and saw me on the floor,

He was going to ask but decided to ignore,

Then my mother told me to just get up,

And choose my very own egg cup,

So I followed her orders like a good girl,

Then I pretended to be a ballerina and did a twirl,

Then I got told off,

It was the last straw and I shouted,

“Right I’d rather be at school!”


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