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Aksel Vikse Olsen

I thought we were friends, you were a brother in my eyes. How could it all be destroyed as one of Amor’s arrows flies?

I knock hard on the door, as the day quickly fades. I came here for an answer, to all the trouble that you’ve made.

When you at last open the door the lion awakes in a fable. If my anger spills over you’ll be a victim just like Abel.

You stand there in your toga, it turns red with the passing of time. If you look closely at my body you can see all these scars of mine.

Then you begin to realise, all the harm you have done. Thirty pieces of silver are not enough to heal all that is gone.

So I go home alone, every chapter’s last page must be read. I hear a shout behind me.
It won’t make me turn my head.