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Before the War

Before the War
James Crowe

Can I trust this world?
Can I see this world?
This world’s secret side is bad,
Pain and suffering is how we see,
The people above know how to see,
Am I allowed to be?
Even the pinnacle of existence
Doesn’t know the end.
Blood, pain, torture,
Guns, grenades, mortars,
People crying crocodile tears
Although they are the ones wanting to fight
The propaganda is air in the atmosphere.
It’s like they want death
Nazi flags, soldiers bent down like old hags
Charging enemy lines
Destined for blood and cries
Can this really be?
I trusted this world,
Now I see,
It has just uncoiled
Like the serpent that it is
Could I ever see the world like I did before?
Like I did: before the war.