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Beach Scene

Beach Scene
Hannah Tilt

The sea is an image of calm and tranquillity, like an old dog, learned by the wicked ways of man. It stretches out as far as the eye can see; it seems to twinkle and beckon you in with peaceful ripples.

The sun is strong and powerful, forcefully projecting its last rays of light onto the sandy beach as if it knows that the night will take over soon. Desperate. Determined.

Below this other-worldly fight of light and dark, a small crab scuttles along the sand, ruining the seas almighty efforts to smooth out the beach. The crab is in a fight of its own. With incredible speed the tiny crab hurries through the thick sand, aware of the seagull, swooping closer and closer. It seems to utter a sigh of relief, and the seagull a cry of rage, as it jumps into the water.

Unaware of the drama going on above it, a mysterious creature lurks in the debts of the deepest part of the ocean. It swishes its almighty tail and moans restlessly. Whales are supposed to be gentle animals, but this one seems to have other ideas.

“I am hungry, but I can’t eat, for no food is here and I can’t move. Nobody knows that I lurk here- but here I am and I will stay. Oh gracious lord! Please help me sir, give me a second chance I beg of you! Unimaginable anger controls my soul, I am not a harmless being- I will kill the first being I lay my fins upon!”

Up on the surface of the sea, a little girl swims over the mighty brute, concentrating on perfecting her front crawl. But try as he might, the blue whale simply can’t move onto the girl. He is stuck. Stranded by the heartless sea.

A few minutes later, a little girl runs out of the sea with her hair in tangles, happy with herself- she is just a child, she cannot feel danger.

Back on the beach, seagulls are cawing wildly, intent on deafening anyone within a 100 mile radius, and the sand is steadily drying out for another day. The suns efforts are not enough, day has turned to night, light has turned to dark, warmth has turned to cold. The sea drifts in and out, calmly lapping against the beach: it doesn’t care, it goes through this process every night.



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