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Ruby Crowther

After staring at it for so long. I realise that your reflection will always show the truth, no matter how hard you try to change it. The girl looking back at me in the rippling river is numb… expressionless… I can put on a smile all I want but the void in her eyes never leaves.

I carefully lay back on the cold rough rocks and the stars dance across the sky. They always say that the stars shine bright because they’re happy, smiling, free… But what if stars really shine to hide their sorrow?

Having to watch the world keep spinning and knowing they’ll never experience a life of their own, stuck in the middle of darkness with only the light that they produce to console them. I think stars are misjudged and that because they are surrounded by dusk we see them as the brightest light, but what about the stars that have lost the energy and motivation to shine? Because they don’t shine we overlook them as nothing but rock.

Like when we struggle to hold onto the light inside of us, we are overlooked. So I stare at the stars with sympathy and I promise that as long as they shine, I’ll put on my fake smile and continue as they do.

For I may be hurting but I’ll never feel the sorrow of the stars… and I’ll lay here talking with them until morning comes when the sun can take their burden.

Forever I’ll continue one night at a time, alone with my reflection and the stars.