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Agent R

Agent R
Kate Maloney

Dear Agent M –captured – Dead Drop C – murdered – help – Yellow Belly – Starfish

The message was so broken that she could hardly make it out. Roseta was shocked, Mom – Agent M? Starfish? Captured? Dead Drop C? Before she could message back – boom – the message self destructed and the computer popped out a spy suit. Should she..?

Through the thick, black, smoky air emerged Roseta. She wore a black‘n’pink off the shoulder spy suit. Suddenly, her mother came charging (like a rhino) into the room. “Roseta!”

Rosetta squeaked: “I forgot about the rule for not touching the computer.”

Suddenly her mother saw Rosetta’s own black‘n’pink spy suit and she froze. “Did your Father get into trouble?” Roseta just stood there questioning herself. Starfish: the family surname.

“To the MomMobile!” She snatched Roseta’s hand and dragged her to the car.

Roseta thought: mom’s these days – how do you know what they’re up to? Grandmother would never do this….

All of a sudden the car turned into the Mom-O-Copter. Roseta’s mom’s eyes darted and fixed on Roseta.  She snapped: “ROSETA! You pressed the –”

“I couldn’t resist – it was bright AND pink!”

Her mother just looked at her like her head was about to explode. Before Roseta could say anything more, she added: “Hop out, we’re at Dead Drop C.”

Roseta just stared at her. “How did you know we needed to get to Dead drop C?”

Her Mother stared back. “Your Father always gets into trouble, I popped a tracking device on him. ” Clever woman. They marched out of the Mom-O-Copter and Roseta that realised they were at Grandmother’s house.

Roseta was concerned that everybody in the family was involved. Sensing danger, she said: “Mom, since I love you soooo much……wouldn’t it be wise for you to go first? After all, respect your elders!”

Her mother snapped back: “I’d rather go in with Donald Trump than you!”

Roseta admitted that the elders part had gone too far, but Donald Trump. That’s low. Even for her.

“We’ll talk about it later, young lady,” said her mother.

Roseta kicked the front door – repeatedly. “There goes the element of surprise,” said mom, rolling her eyes. That’s it, Roseta pressed the button on her belt. She didn’t know the picture was a missile – she thought it was a grenade. “Wooooops.” The door was definitely open now. They stomped through.

“Sweet mother of cheese, what did you do to my door? It was open!” scowled Grandmother. Roseta’s Dad (Starfish) stared at Roseta and rambled “You’re grounded… wait…but…if you get me out of this, no grounding for a year”.

“Get you out of what?”
“I can’t eat cabbage,” pleaded Dad

“Cabbage isn’t murdering you! You’ve not been captured! I was in the middle of taking a hot bath,” said mom furiously

Her Dad looked at his wife and with fired up eyes he moaned, “But cabbage..!”

Suddenly, the grandmother jumped out of nowhere. “The cabbage won’t murder you – but I will!”

“Whooooooa…” said Roseta, “this has gone too far. Granny, let it go, there are other greens”

Granny stared at Roseta. “Everybody needs cabbage! ”

Under her breath, Roseta said: “Boy, this Gran really loves cabbage”. Then, audibly, she added: “How about this, if you let my Dad off with not eating cabbage he will eat his greens daily.”

“Including cabbages?” asked Granny

Sensing she wasn’t going to let it go, Roseta agreed: “You betcha.”

“Nooooooooo,” screeched Dad.

“Off you all go,” groaned Gran. “See you for Cabbage Festival,” she said smugly.

“There’s a festival?” said Dad open–mouthed. “What have I signed up for? I should never have sent the message.”


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