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A Watery Grave

A Watery Grave
Sayandeep Das

Look outside.
Would you know the world is drowning?
From Amsterdam to Rome,
lungs filling with sea foam.

Oceans are gradually rising.
never experienced,
never seen,
swallowed up
by forces unseen
while we ask,
what could have been?

It’s the middle of winter
but would you know?
The ice is melting.
You’re almost sweating.
It’s a summer setting.
In the sky
the sun is low.

Would you know the seas have been poisoned?
On its own blood
It’s choking,
like a dead man
tired and broken.
It chokes on oil and garbage,
leading only to hell and carnage.
But through the seas of plastics and filth
ushers in the dreams of a world rebuilt.

Do you feel the tightness in your chest?
The feeling of feelings unexpressed?
The feeling of emotions unprocessed?
The world is not ours.
We have been dispossessed.
Save it from an eternal rest.

Seas are overflowing,
pollution is ongoing.
The seeds of chaos are growing,
Understanding is not the same as knowing.

The world is drowning,
But would you know?