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A Space Journey

A Space Journey
Liang Zi Zhao

This poem is about an alien.  This particular type of alien always flips round to show if they are happy or sad but every time one of them flips round the whole planet does as well!

I’m going to space,
Cause I’m tired of this place!
The constant spinning which makes me sick,
It makes me want to do a kick!
So that’s why I’m off,
I’ll find a planet in a cough.
So so long,
And I will be gone long,

Here I am in space,
Travelling at my own pace.
Suddenly I realise I’m lost,
So this was the cost!
To lose home for space,
Now I realise that I’m tangled in a lace.
I’ve eaten all the meat off my bone,

And now I’ve finished my ice cream cone!
I want to go home!
I am alone,
Nothing for company but a bone.
I miss home,
I don’t even have a comb!
In space,
I’ll never see another face.
But wait,
Being alone is not my fate!
For I see home,
In a few minutes time,
I won’t be alone!
I’ll be just fine.

Finally I’m at home,
No longer alone.
I’m never leaving again,
I’ve even made my own den!
Here I am no longer lost,
And I’ll never leave at any cost.