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A Mother’s Life

A Mother’s Life

It all began with a planet… Add some flourishing flora and small creatures and voila! A planet made with love. I took rest in this small planet of all the planets I made, not because it was the only planet but because I poured my heart and soul into making this little one, I simply couldn’t abandon it. I am their mother and protector.

Years fly by, as I rested as the heart of this planet which I now named Earth.
My children have been thriving and living, they made wonderful homes and good use of resources for their survival, they have also made peace with all other creatures. I’m so proud of them, I can now rest peacefully knowing my creation will watch over the planet as I help them become the best versions of themselves. One day, maybe they will take care of me when I grow too old, tired and venerable.

No, what is this? I feel intense heat which has woken me from my sleep. My beautiful rivers are being filled with toxic waste. The rivers of this planet are like the blood flow in my body which all comes back to my heart. Poisoning the rivers is like poisoning me. My children couldn’t have possibly done this. Could they?

Time passes by as the pain begins to grow. I feel the stabbing pains of machinery being injected into me and sucking all the soul out of me, all my oils being taken away for their uses. I see my animals being caged and killed for food.

The majestic trees which I once made to stand tall and proud was cut and made into useless objects only to be thrown back and stuffed in to me to hide their mistakes.
Living in the planet now becomes unbearable; the scorching heat is burning me alive.
My children, how could they do this to me? After all I have done for them and given them. Have I not raised them well enough? Have I not given them all the resources to help with their brilliant discoveries?

Every time they had a breakthrough and successes of all kinds, I have praised and watched everything from the beginning but I loved them all too much to see their wrongdoings.

The love I had for them has blinded me.

Sadness, Anger, Fear; my tears flood the planet. My anger strikes the skies with electric fire.

My cries of agony blaze in the forests. I shake the shackles that have trapped me to escape and it rumbles and cracks the land.

I cannot watch my other creations suffer because of my very own children. They have abused me.

I will not sit and watch them create more chaos and kill off the last of the animals on Earth. Betrayal carved its laughter into my mind as I make the most painful decision I have had to make. I will rise again and I will walk the wrath of destruction.