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A Lost Cause

A Lost Cause
Sara Berggren Lidal

I am part of a lost cause
I refuse to believe that
I can change the beginning of the end.
“We can make a difference for the environment,”
is a lie.
”Money will make me happy.”
I hate the world
I won’t lie to myself by saying that
the world is beautiful.
It’s too late.
Nothing you say will get me to believe that
mother earth deserves love.
My time on this planet,
is more important than
the next generation’s ecosystem.
Let me tell you something.
I am a sinner.
Don’t convince me that
I make a difference.
This will not come true for my generation because
we choose to live according to the simplest solution.
The devil says,
30 years from now, we will be celebrating the death of the future.
I don’t accept that
living in a clean world is a possibiity
in a distant vision of the future.
Environmental problems will be the norm
We can no longer say that
my peers and I care about the blue planet.
My generation are lazy and docile.
It is stupid to believe that
there is hope for the environment.

All this will one day come true, unless we choose to turn.
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