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10 Reasons Why I Don’t Tidy My Room

Chapter 1 –     TV

Chapter 2 –     Tablet

Chapter 3 –     Money

Chapter 4 –     Food

Chapter 5 –     Reading

Chapter 6 –     Bedtime

Chapter 7 –     School

Chapter 8 –     RE

Chapter 9 –     Boring Stuff

Chapter 10 –   Better things


Chapter 1 – TV

 I don’t know about you but I have never met a person without a TV or one who hates to watch it. This is why chapter one is called TV. I love to watch TV. TV, TV, TV, TV. I’m so mad about TV that I have one in my bedroom because my Mum hogs the TV downstairs sometimes.

Chapter 2 – Tablet

My tablet is great. It’s got lots of apps on it. My favourite is called Minecraft. I love to build stuff on it. At the moment I am building a skyscraper. It is as tall as the clouds.

Chapter 3 – Money

We tidy our bedroom for what? …..For some guests who don’t even care about us or friends who just wreck the place anyway. We should get money for tidying our rooms, then at least it would be worth it.

Chapter 4 – Food

Food, food, food, food. I love food. How can I tidy my bedroom when all I can think about is FOOD.

Chapter 5 – Reading

Most people hate to read but personally I like it. If I had to choose between reading a book and tidying my room, I would read. At least it gives you an excuse for when your Mum shouts at you.

Chapter 6 – Bedtime

Bedtime. I hate it. Sleeping, doing nothing for 10 to 12 hours. Then in the morning you have to go to school. I hate it but at least you don’t have to look around and think “I’ve got to clean this up”.

Chapter 7 – School

Talking about school, it is dreadful. I hate it, but on the upside… No mother shouting at you to tidy up your room. You can relax in school in a nice clean tidy room.

Chapter 8 – RE

Personally I love RE, but I am not religious so don’t get any ideas. I have heard a ton of people moaning about RE. Well, listen to me, it’s better than tidying your bedroom. 

Chapter 9 – Boring Stuff

Boring Stuff:-

  1. Tidying Your Bedroom
  2. Walking the dog
  3. Sleeping
  4. Shopping
  5. Footie

These 5 things are really boring and tidying your bedroom is at number 1.

Chapter 10 – Better Things

To be honest if someone asked me to give them a reason why I have not tided my bedroom I would say that I have better stuff to do than tidy my bedroom.


Willow Gregory

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