Issue 8

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Published online in Dec 2015.

There is a bit of showing off about Write On! magazine. It is always here to bring you the best of young writing in the West Midlands so when it has a set of the standard you’re about to read, we’re proud. This is what our region can do, this is what the finest young writers are creating right now.

One supremely important thing, though, is that Write On! is built to get these writers experience of how writing works in the real world. We have constraints, we have requirements, we have deadlines and we also have editors who neither care nor even notice how old the writers are: they are solely focused on the material and whether it’s good enough to bring to you.

What everyone involved in the magazine will always tell the contributors is that Write On! is for the reader. All writing is for its audience. Writers have to stretch and grow but they also have to work, they have to write their own pieces and understand how those will or won’t fit into a magazine. They learn about rejection as a key part of this job. Writing is an art but writing for an audience is a skill too.

What writers learn from writing for Write On! Magazine will of course help them develop as writers but it’s an open secret here that what they learn will help them whatever their careers are. Writing, communicating, working: this is what it’s like.

I just have to tell you now that I didn’t realise how much I would learn from being the editor or how much I would miss it when I’m not. The last two issues were run by Rosanne Rivers and I read them closely, avidly, jealously. She did a smart job as editor, she did things I’m learning from, and it was a joy to read what “my” writers had done for her.

You just can’t beat being the editor, though. I wish you could have this experience, although we’d arm-wrestle if you tried to take it away from me. For as well as the final collection of work, as editor you get to see the entire range of submissions, you get to discuss and work with the writers. It is the most invigorating, energising and – yes – inspiring job.

Take a look for yourself. Look at what the best young writers in the West Midlands can do.

William Gallagher – Write On! Magazine Editor

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