Issue 6

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Published online in April 2015.


Having worked with Writing West Midlands and their Write On! groups before, I knew to expect a very high standard of writing within the submissions for this magazine, and yet I was still amazed to see such a fantastic display of imagination from these writers, some as young as eight years old.

You will notice a few familiar names here. These are the writers who have had the talent and discipline to submit to, and be featured in, every issue of the Write On! Magazine so far. With each issue, their writing becomes more sophisticated and it’s clear that they are dedicated to this craft. I’m also delighted to feature so many new names in this edition. These fresh voices demonstrate the plethora of talented youngsters out there, and by contributing they are helping the magazine to progress and grow.

Fitting for the spring edition of the magazine, there is a sense of new beginnings within these pages. This is reflected in Claire Howland’s Approaching Day Haikus, Shrish Madhan’s Welcome and Lucy Donaghey’s Summer Nights. If you’re looking for a chill down your spine, our writers will not disappoint. Through poetry and prose, they evoke feelings of gothic terror and intrigue; who dwells in The House Next Door, and what fate will befall those who anger The Wolf Women?

Pieces like Nur al Ayn Nisar’s The Image of Beauty and Nabila Irshad’s Open Your Third Eye invite us to question our perceptions of others and how readily we obey authority. In the final piece of the magazine, aptly titled, Choosing the End, Katie Gayton gives us a fresh perspective on the experience of being a school pupil who must make life-changing decisions.

Each entry in this edition will elicit a response from the reader, whether that is curiosity, a sense of the macabre or a new outlook on something you thought you understood. To me, that is great writing.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed selecting them. I am already looking forward to what the wealth of submissions will bring to the next issue!

Rosanne Rivers - Write On! Magazine Guest Editor 

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