Issue 4

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Published online in July 2014.


There are pieces in this new collection of the finest young West Midlands writers that will make you beam. There are some that will make you think and there are others where you will wonder at the sheer depth of imagination.

These writers have gone into imaginary waters more than any in previous issues and they all bring us right along with them into the strangest, the daftest and the most powerful depths.

It’s been a privilege to edit four issues of Write On! so far and certainly a pleasure to work with these writers as we’ve developed pieces to their full potential. But there are stories in this latest issue that, frankly, I wish I’d written myself.

All of us working on Write On! are looking for strong writing and we are focused on making the best magazine for you to read. That would be true no matter what the age of our writers was but as they are this young, we do have an eye on how they are progressing and what this can mean for their futures. It’s very easy to see that many will be able to continue writing as a career but you read how vividly they all communicate and you know that this talent, this expression will be a boon for them whatever work they choose to do.

I’m very proud of them and you will be too.

William Gallagher – Write On! Magazine Editor

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