Issue 16

Welcome to Issue 16 of Spark Young Writers Magazine

Click here to read this issue. Published online in February 2019.

You’re about to read stories and poems that range all the way from very funny to rather bleak, yet every piece has a single thing in common. Like all the best writing, they tell you one thing but they really show you something else. Each of these pieces sets out to entertain or inform or explore a topic and a feeling but each one also shows you something about the writer.

So you’ll see wit and life and puzzlement and concern and fear and joy. There’s certainly youthful exuberance but equally there is youthful determination.

You don’t get published in Spark Young Writers Magazine just by submitting a piece. You get in by writing work that is alive.

We set very few conditions on the work we’ll look at – really so long as it’s complete and no more than 500 words, we’ll read anything – and that does make the magazine hard to write for. But most of the time it makes it easy to edit: each of the pieces you’ll read in this issue went straight in without hesitation, it was so immediately obvious that we must publish them.

There were others you won’t see because they just weren’t good enough. And there are others I hope you’ll get to see in future issues because they were close and the writers are now reworking them.

It is a particular pleasure when work I’ve rejected then comes back to me improved and emboldened. But always, always, the treat of Spark Young Writers Magazine is reading what you’re about to read now. New writing, new voices, and such talent.

William Gallagher – Spark Young Writers Magazine Editor

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To read Issue 16 of Spark Young Writers Magazine online, please click here. You can see a full list of contributors to the Magazine by heading to the Contributors page.


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