Issue 12

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Published online in July 2017.

Spark Young Writers magazine not only offers readers a collection of outstanding work, it also presents young writers with an early opportunity to have their work published in a magazine.

Having worked with young writers’ groups for the past two years, I’m quite used to being impressed by the imaginative works of young writers. So when I was asked to be this issue’s Guest Editor, naturally I jumped at the chance.

I was blown away by the submissions from our talented minds. Only in the works of young writers will dark, unnerving poems and zombies encounter cloud-watching on a sunny afternoon. On the whole this issue does have a rather dark undercurrent, from the haunting chills in Ancestors to the relatable anguish of conflict and heartache in Friendship and Untitled. I felt empowered by the strong characters in Beauty and The Rightful Queen, and Kay Flower’s powerful, solemn poetry is simply wonderful.

The standard of the work we received for this issue was remarkable, and I admire each writer we received work from. One of the things I love most about the young writers’ works is that they appeal to the widest audience and can be enjoyed not only by their peers but also by the more mature reader.

So, thanks to all of our young writers for having me this issue. To edit their work was a privilege and I envy you as a reader, about to enjoy it all for the first time.

Emma Freelove – Spark Young Writers Magazine Editor

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