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Writing West MidlandsWrite On! Magazine is a project of Writing West Midlands. We are the region’s literature development organisation and we work with aspiring, emerging and established writers to help them sustain their creative careers by offering training sessions, advice and networking opportunities.

We also work with young writers and schools through our Write On! Programme, giving children and young people the opportunity to develop their interests in creative writing. In addition to Write On! Magazine, we also work with Writers in Schools to bring professional writers into classroom and run out-of-school creative writing groups, Writing Squads.

Birmingham Literature FestivalWe also have a festivals and events programme this includes the Birmingham Literature Festival and we run a programme of workshops across the year.

For more information about us and to see information such as writing groups in the West Midlands, literature and spoken word festivals, universities, writing in the region and our work with young writers, please visit our website www.writingwestmidlands.org.

Our team includes: Jonathan Davidson (Chief Executive), Sara Beadle (Programmes Director), Joanne Penn (Projects Manager) and Sian Buckley (Marketing Co-Ordinator).

We send out a newsletter featuring information our general work and opportunities from other organisations once a month, we also have a young writers newsletter which is sent once a term. To join either of these newsletters, please click here.

William Gallagher – Write On! Magazine Editor

William GallagherWilliam is a journalist and drama writer. His work includes Doctor Who radio dramas and children’s magazine, Radio Times magazine and website (as a columnist, journalist, feature writer and producer), BBC News, The Independent, The Los Angeles Times, Blake’s 7: The Ultimate Guide and BFI TV Classics: The Beiderbecke Affair (British Film Institute book, 2012).

“Offbeat characterisation and world-building – creative and atmospheric Doctor Who storytelling at its best” – SFX Magazine

“William neatly tipped [our] idea on its head by incorporating us. The situation created by William the playwright became one of mutual inter-dependence and trust in dramatic expression. Masterful! It was a very powerful and exhilarating experience.” – Carol Aubrey, Birmingham City University.

He is the lead writer of the Burton-upon-Trent Write On! Writing Squad and was also the assistant at the Walsall Write On! Writing Squad since September 2012. He has led various workshops for adults, children and young people including at South and City College, Birmingham, Pow-Wow LitFest, Birmingham Literature Festival (2013) and he assisted at a Doctor Who writing class for children and young people.



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