2021-2022 Covid-19 Guidelines

To facilitate a safe return to in-person sessions, we ask that our lead and assistant writers, as well as the participants follow these instructions, in addition to any specific requests made by individual venues which will be shared separately:


Sanitise hands on entry to venue (where sanitiser is available).

Respect distance between others not in your household. Where distancing cannot be maintained, and especially while moving through the building, we recommend that masks are worn. 

Maintain a register so we can identify those who are present.

Young people to bring their own paper and pens to minimise the exchanging of materials.

Room layout to be adapted to reduce likely spread of infection (tables spread apart, or all facing the same direction depending on the space available).

Ventilation of the space should be maximised where possible, by opening any windows or doors where it is safe to do so.

Where requested and where cleaning materials have been provided, clean surfaces before the session begins and after the session.

Please stay at home if you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. 

Inform the Spark admin team if you have had a positive PCR Test result within 5 days of attending a Spark Session so we can advise others that a test may be required.

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With groups across the West Midlands, including 2 online-only groups, there will be a Spark Young Writers group near you.

Groups are open to young writers aged 8-17 who are interested in any type of creative writing.

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